Pottery is good for me

It’s been a restless night with too much on my mind.  It’s morning anyway, so I get up and go to the kitchen anticipating a great cup of coffee, STAT.  I open my cupboard and I am presented with so many beautiful mugs and cups and a smile spreads across my face. Oh, I have my favorites for sure, and each one reminds me of a trip I went on, a visit I had with a studio potter or a great show I was selling at where I treated myself to a gorgeous cup. Already I feel better as I pick a yunomi  https://www.leachpottery.com/yunomi-history made by Judi Dyell, https://www.chosinpottery.ca/ it’s a dark maroon color with a deep foot and it’s perfect for my morning coffee.

It’s part of my preparations for the day – to pick the right cup or mug, make a strong cup of coffee (I drink decaf) and sit down with my bible to start the day.

Pottery is good for me, I love my collection, I love making pottery and it gives me joy to see others appreciate what we do and that our work gives them joy.

What’s in your cupboard? Are your dishes hand crafted or are they mass produced? When something breaks are you devastated? Then you know it was special! Like the time I reached behind a little Cathy Jefferson juice cup and the sleeve of my housecoat caught the rim (did I mention I need coffee STAT in the morning?) I was so sad when it hit the counter, breaking in two, no three pieces. I will have to go to her studio and get a replacement because it’s the perfect size for wine or juice. http://www.cathijefferson.com/

Potters are sentimental people – at least this one is.  A pot is usually attached to an experience and is a cherished memento of a trip to a potters studio. I love to share what we do and I am proud when our work makes an impact on people, it’s like we make new friends every time someone buys our work.