About Anita

I discovered clay when I was very young and decided that it would play a major role in my life somehow. 

Post secondary education in art school, various jobs and experiences always centered on art making, teaching, working in mixed media and clay. Working with clay meant countless hours in the studio and eventually led to teaching others how to make pottery. 

Now, after almost 30 years of pottery making, I still find so much satisfaction in the rhythmic motion of clay on the wheel and what can be created from a solid block of the clay material. I appreciate that pottery has been created for centuries from artisans all over the world and that I am a part of that. The historic nature of the material keeps me grounded in making pots that will last and be kept as a memento of a time and place for a very long time. 

My pottery can be used daily or given as a keepsake. I like the idea that my work is affordable for people and that the work is in private collections all over the world. When people visit our gallery from other areas, they are amazed at the nature surrounding them and how that is reflected in my work. Local flora and fauna, natural wildlife and abstracted designs and motifs are a signature design element in the finishing on my pots. I work mainly in white stoneware, but I have recently added a terra sigillata spray finish to my pots that I carve into to achieve a brown that is multilayered and tonal. I also use a black slip that I carve through to reveal the white clay underneath. It’s very much like drawing and when I work on those pots it’s very serene and I feel very blessed that I can do this work for a living. 

“Pots for Living, Pots for Giving”

Anita Lawrence