All in a days work

Whether we are throwing or carving clay, our work in the studio is very satisfying. Allthough we have days that we may lack some inspiration or that our ‘get up and go’ got up and went but most of the the time in the studio is productive and fun. We just loaded the kiln yesterday and so on monday we will open it up and see what treasures we have inside. There will be more of Neil’s carved work like mugs, a few bowls and a commission. He designed a new pour over (remember in the last blog I mentioned this is the way we make coffee) so I am excited to see how it works. We are trying to reduce all plastic in our home and so replacing our current plastic pour over is another step in this direction.

My work in the kiln is a selection of mugs, platters and blates – our daughter tells us this is the latest name for deep plates that are perfect for salads and one bowl comfort foods we love to make. I also have completed a commission for a lovely shop in Victoria of locally made goods The Modern Mercantile. Stay tuned for some pictures once the kiln cools. I am ever so grateful for these commissions that keep us developing as artists and connecting with our customers.

January is always a little quiet in the gallery so we have to work hard not get too complacent but rather kick into drive and keep creating work. Spring is just around the corner and we will start seeing more visitors to our community and gallery – this is why keeping up some level of production now is important. I will post pictures soon of some more new work and the commissions we have been working on.