Pottery is good for me part 2

It seems I am on a steep learning curve with WordPress and understanding how to blog correctly. Let’s see if this works.
A while back I had mentioned how much I love my morning coffee – it’s a bit of a morning ritual and I like my routine. I wake up and go to the kitchen and put the kettle on. After a good drink of water and vitamins I am ready to brew my coffee. We use a pour over in this house, it’s the best in my book. But I must choose a mug first…so many to choose from as I open the cupboard.


This one is the Judi Dyelle yunomi I told you about in that last blog post. Here is a picture – notice how it fits my fingers perfectly?  It’s like it was made just for me.  That’s the special thing about a pottery mug, it was made special just for you.

pottery cup by Judi Dyelle

I love this cup – its porcelain and fired in a reduction kiln to a beautiful deep cranberry color. Judi Dyelle is a wonderful potter from Metchosin B.C. and was married to the late Robin Hopper, a world renowned potter, author and educator. I reflect on what I have learned thus far in the years I have been making pots and when I hold Judi’s yunomi in my hand I realize I have much more to learn. A favorite cup is like your favorite sweater – it just feels right.
So I just wanted to share these pictures and writing a new post is good practice for me. But for the record I now know how to edit an old post. Lol.. Practice everything so you get better and don’t give up on computer things – most of us are intelligent enough to figure things out if we give it some time.
Have a wonderful week, I hope 2023 is going splendid so far for you and remember: coffee always taste better in a handmade pottery mug!